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    I have problem when playing FIFA 17 with keyboard (single player and online). Until now everything worked perfectly but suddenly problems appeared. I have problems when I am trying to press multiple buttons. For example, when I am trying to pass diagonally left and up I press Right arrow, Up arrow and S for pass. The ball goes right instead of going diagonally. Also, when I am trying to sprint in defence for the ball the player doesn't sprint but runs normally. These problems don't appear every time I am trying to do these actions, but most time of the match they do.

    Does somebody know how to fix this problem?
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    Originally posted by borut159 View Post

    Does somebody know how to fix this problem?
    Yeah, buy a gamepad.

    No, but seriously, I'm a keyboard player too and I know how annoying it is. EA does everything against us. I think you can't press (more than?) three buttons at the same time, but it's the PC that doesn't allow it, not the game. Perhaps try a different keyboard and see if that works.


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      I solved the problem by unistalling drivers of keyboard and reinstalling it. This worked for me.


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        Gaming keyboards dont have these button limitations though.
        Originally posted by 4ndr3i
        So someone had the audacity to neg me in this thread.

        This is unacceptable!!! You have 24 hours to come clean and apologize and be all like "Sorry Andrei, won't happen again.. I messed up.. wanted it to be green.. etc"

        If not I will do my own investigation and will show no mercy for the unfortunate soul. I already have a list of suspects.


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