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    i hope also that we can change the camera angle like in PES


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      Originally posted by Fidel Gameplay View Post
      The solution is there, this is my old solution I've used on past years (stamina fix without edit the db)
      I'm testing when I read your post today, check these pics and player's stamina bar at 40 min:

      I hope you like, I'm losing also, I see the game much more difficulty with this stamina fix.

      I'll add the gp evo real stamina tweak (my suggested values + tips about the good setup) is the next gp evo update.
      At moment you can fix yourself by adding these strings in the locale.ini:
      here how to add properly and working in the 17 adv gp evo 1.2:


      With these settings, effect in game:
      the real match duration is 10 minute half time, HALF_LENGTH=10
      the ai setting for match duration is 10 minute half time, AI_SETTING_HALFLENGTH=10
      Save file start game. Setup the match half time to 5 minutes (you must do this step in game from game option before formations screen).

      This example setup is for 10 min half time players. If you like 20 minutes, setup 20 to the ini and 10 in the game options,
      so in this way the stamina is proportionated to game options half time and not to the forced value from the ini.

      I hope you like!

      Thank you to everyone for comments!
      This is better to solve.
      The biggest problem is the fatigue and you should change it.

      You see, my fatigue is far lower.
      I have inserted a few codes into the "locale.ini".
      These are my codes:

      // To randomize fatigue set any number between 0-100. This is for random max number.
      // This would override Fatigue and acceleration attributes for all players
      [FATIGUE]        // How the players get tired
      MAXENERGY = 100        // Maximum energy a player can have
      GKADJUST = 75        // Adjustment to energy for a GK
      STAMINAINF = 100    // Percentage influece stamina has
      FATIGUEBASE = 10    // The base value of stamina lost per game.
      Now the fatigue of the players is normal.


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        Hello Fidel, the camera changes zoom(1.4) do not work with the dynamic camera. I have the game updated with the latest patch, you have any suggestions? thanks for your work


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          Hi Fidel. I love your tool last year and im excited to see that you made another one for Fifa 17. But I have one question/ plea. Could you tell me how to zoom out TELE camera. In my opinion its the best camera but EA fucked up with zooming it to much. Id like to use this camera, so you are my last hope. Really plz let me know
          KEEP on making fantastic tools you genius!!!


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            The height really works?

            Cam height necer worked in Fifa 16.
            Originally posted by 4ndr3i
            So someone had the audacity to neg me in this thread.

            This is unacceptable!!! You have 24 hours to come clean and apologize and be all like "Sorry Andrei, won't happen again.. I messed up.. wanted it to be green.. etc"

            If not I will do my own investigation and will show no mercy for the unfortunate soul. I already have a list of suspects.


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              Originally posted by Sami 1999 View Post
              The height really works?

              Cam height necer worked in Fifa 16.
              works very well


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                Great camera tool. I'm loving it so much and finally playing on different stadiums gives so much fun and it gives the players feeling of watching real matches. This is true. It is a mod of the year for FIFA 17. Especially that, as we know so far, FIFA 17 became unmoddeble.

                I've tested this mod up for couple of games playing on different arenas and I've noticed that the cameras settings (with mod on) aren't identical for all of the stadiums? It's quite dependable what stadium we are using and for example a default camera with 10 zoom and 10 height at Stamford Bridge it's not same as same camera at Old Trafford? (with mod on, I'm highlighting)


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                  Originally posted by kimpa View Post
                  Hi Fidel
                  I'm able to read and understand. I have the last EA update, your camera tool 1.4 and cheat engine 6.6
                  5 - Press related numpad keyboard buttons (press 1 and 2 it's fine, read details below) to enable related mod increment multiplier.
                  At this point when i click on defaul camera values nothing happens. The values are not activated.
                  If you can help me ok, otherwise thanks anyway
                  Hello, this is really strange, after all steps and 5 included, you must go in gp cam sliders (from game mený), change default to custom and now adjust gp cam sliders. You do this? You see the default float values in CE like my pic inside Info mod folder (the pic is CHECK_IF_WORKING_FIFA_17_GP_CAM_MOD). Are you trying to adjust height and zoom for availables gp cams? (now I've uploaded a new one, and you can adjust settings for 6 gp cams, read details).
                  I hope you solve, but beleave me in your fault, because the tool works fine.
                  Sometimes I see a bug in dymanic cam (not working), close CE and script, just re-start game and follow quick steps 2, 3, so the dynamic will work.
                  Anyway no problems or issues with all others gp cams.

                  QUICK STEPS (100% WORKING):
                  1 - Start fifa, before kick off in match, press pause mený and go in desktop
                  2 - Start FIFA17_GP_CAMERA_SETTINGS.CT, click YES to allow lua script *
                  3 - Press related numepad option related to your favorite gp camera
                  4 - Setup your camera whith now working gp cam sliders from pause match mený

                  Originally posted by Loewe View Post
                  Uh, great news!
                  Thank you so much, even just for trying.
                  Originally posted by moha10 View Post
                  i hope also that we can change the camera angle like in PES
                  Thank you for comment, just try onther gp cam with changed angle, adjust height and zoom with my tool. Now the adjusting range is improved.
                  Enjoy your new camera.

                  To everyone: is out athe new gp cam version 1.6, download in official post here.
                  VERSION: 1.6 - THE BEST ARRAY OF BYTE IN FIFA 17 WORLD
                  19/11/16 - DOCTOR+ PRODUCTIONS FIFA NG EDITOR TEAM

                  (include related Array of byte series for manual edit)

                  To see if all is working you can see like this (pic included, check out Info folder):

                  CE display original settings value for all 24 strings and the FIFA 17 REVOLUTION CAMERA TOOL start.
                  If you have problems, for example the dymanic cam zoom isn't working for your favorited gp camera (with value ??):
                  close Cheat Engine and script, just restart the game, follow quick steps 2, 3.

                  Tele gp cam (long range setup example):

                  Co-op gp cam (long range setup example):


                  I'll reply to other request asap. But as asual I'll reply with new mods.
                  I've a little surprice to release, very soon all details, at moment you can enjoy the new gp cam tool 1.6.
                  So good weekend to everyone.
                  Last edited by Fidel Gameplay; 19-11-2016, 03:02:PM.


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                    OMG thank you soooo much. Youre the best!!!!


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                      Originally posted by Kris162 View Post
                      OMG thank you soooo much. Youre the best!!!!
                      Enjoy bro!

                      To everyone, this is a preview of the next mod I'm working:

                      FIFA 17 REAL SHOWERS WATER EFFECT - Video Test


                      New mod preview, I'm testing the new 17 water fx and gfx particles mod.
                      Watch video at 1080p HD or in big window size (no full screen because I've reduced the video quality a bit).
                      I'm playing in showers mode. But now tweaked. Effect in game is amazing beleave me.
                      In the video you can see a totally of 6 water particles effects with modded values. I've tweaked also the emitter system.
                      Details about the mod as usual with documentation, full mod's tweak list and details.
                      The mod affect also the gameplay because is connected to a new value for friction on ground (for players foot and ball).

                      I hope you like! I hope to release asap!
                      Last edited by Fidel Gameplay; 19-11-2016, 08:27:PM.


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                        We need FIFA 17 REVOLUTION CAMERA MOD for the fifa 17 demo also please witch not compatible with cheat engine is there any solution for that?


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                          Fidel you are a fucking genius!!

                          My friend I know you no more work about fifa 16 , can you give me a hand to have the same camera settings of the following photo for the fifa 16 ?

                          Thank you Professor


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                            Yes would be great to have the values also for FIFA 16. Your work is really amazing Fidel!


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                              i hope you can aslo fix the tele camera in the game


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                                Any news about gameplay mod?