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  • Original Scoreboards and Popups

    I applied to my FIFA 16 a new premier league popups and ligue 1 scoreboards but I see them in every match. I need data/ui/game/global componants folder and overlay folder. The whole data folder also can work for me. I have one more question. I want to use these popups and scoreboards just for the league it belongs. For example ligue 1 scoreboard on just league 1 matches. Is it possible in some way?

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    Please, can anyone upload Premier League one?
    I think that the new popups that I downloaded lead to crash my FIFA 16.


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      Any data folder files you need are already available in your game, just use rinaldo's tools to export them. You two can't really be asking people to upload their files so that you don't have to do it yourselves? Or am I misunderstanding you?


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        I overwrite original Premier League file with the new ones... So I didn't know the existence of this Rinaldo tools... I'll try it!


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          I opened overlays folder and change all the overlay_9xxx file names as overlay_6xxx and fixed it. Thanks.