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    Ball id? Please!


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      Originally posted by DiggerHawk View Post
      I have found some more boot ID's. You were correct alex, spot on with the ID's. They changed in the latest update the Magistas from 102 to 105. I aslo found one of the new Adidas boots.

      104 Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Metallic Red Bronze / Black / Green Glow
      105 Nike Magista Opus Metallic Pewter / Black / White / Ghost Green
      106 Nike Mercurial Superfly - Urban Lilac / Bright Mango / Black
      107 Nike Tiempo Legend Pure Platinum / Black / Orange

      91 Adidas X Black / White / Shock Mint / Pink

      With the Magistas, Mecurials and Hypervenoms you have to decide which version to use (Opus/Obra, Superfly/X or Phantom/Phinish) because EA only assign one in the squads for each boot style, same with the Adidas Leather, Synthetic or Primeknit etc.

      I don't think EA have assigned the new Adidas Ace Black / White / Shock Mint / Pink to any players yet? When they do I will post the ID.
      Thanks a lot for your "ID spotting", bro Anyway the EA's slots should be replaced by the PS4/XBoxOne version of the shoes, because Obra/Vapors/Finish and some kind of Primeknit/leather versions don't exist in the game it all depends on our "tastes" hahaha Legend...ONE LOVE: ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO!!
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        can anyone post all teams id and including their players ids too ?


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          Where is the ID of Ascoli? I don't find him in id list !


          I already found is ID 1847 !
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            Can anyone post the ids of women players only?


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              If someone knows about the crowd IDs or how can i identify them to test them in Blender please send me a PM. Thanks


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                Originally posted by NightmareBooste View Post
                I'm trying to get more of the boots to display in the catalogue. Are you saying it's not possible to have ALL of the Magistas, Mecurials and Hypervenoms be visible in the catalogue?
                Sorry for my late reply, I have not been on this site recently.

                The point I was making was that EA ignore the different styles of a particular boot design, as in the Magistas, EA only assign a slot for the different colours but ignore that its available in real life in different styles (Obra or Opus). So if you use the official ID slots you have to choose which you prefer to have in game.

                The advantage of staying with the official ID's is that the new boots get assigned to the correct players with the squad updates, as long as EA have released them on consoles (squad updates seem to be the same on all platforms). Its just on PC we don't get the graphic updates, but if you replace the placeholder boot with the correct 3rd party made boots from this forum you end up with the same if not better than the what the consoles get.


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                  Hello , is there any ID for creating custom tournament in to the game ??



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                    Hey guys, one question. What is the ID for the Virtual Pro referee's kits? Thanks in advance.


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                      Ingame created player ID

                      Hi guys !

                      Do you know what's the ID of the first player created ingame ?

                      Here is his associated miniface in career mode if it can help :

                      Thank you very much for your answer


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                        It is 230918.


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                          Thank you so much


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                            It would be interesting and quite useful IMO, if the ID's were organized in a list here (sort of an index) by Country or Confederation and with a thumbnail of the team logos to make it easier to spot them.

                            Perhaps something like this would help maintain a certain consistency among ID use across various patches... To avoid having patches giving random ID's to teams that have an known ID (as shown in magicteamlist.csv file from the now defunct FIFA Manager series)


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                              Update for the shoe id's. Nothing major, but still.

                              82 adidas ace 16.1 Black Silver Metallic Solar Gold

                              83 adidas ace 16.1 Black Solar Green Shock Pink

                              84 adidas ace 16.1 Shock Blue SemiSolar Slime White

                              85 adidas ace 16.1 Solar Green Shock Pink Core Black

                              93 adidas X White SemiSolar Slime

                              94 adidas X SolarGold Black Pink (EA's Update Slot) *RELEASED* Updated from 90 to 94

                              111 Puma evoPOWER 1.3 Synthethic - Yellow/Black/AtomicBlue

                              112 Puma evoSPEED SL Synthethic - Safety Yellow Atomic Blue White

                              And whatever new balance visaro boot that is assigned to Aron Ramsey, Fellaini etc in the game, has the id of 118. I think they're the "New Balance Visaro - White/Toxic/Black"
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                                That there still is none who found out the Running Styles and Finishing Styles ID's for Creation Master