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CM 15 Kitnumbers Color Problem

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  • CM 15 Kitnumbers Color Problem

    Hey guys i need some help. I'm trying to change the kitnumbers color of benfica but it doesnt change in game. I can change the kitnumbers from the home kit but not from the away kit or the gk kit. Do you know what i can do to fix this?

    ps: it seems its some problem with the away and gk kit loading the changes cause i deleted the away kit and cloned the home kit into a 3rd kit and it works. I already tried to regenerate but nothing. Gk kit and away kit seems to be bugged. Anyone knows what is this?
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    If you deleted the away kit how could you expect it to load an away kit ?


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      I deleted the away kit for a moment. Then i cloned it again to see if it was working. I can change the shirt and shorts but not the kitnumbers, it just doesnt load the new kitnumbers or even just the color.