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Optimal Configuration With NVidia Graphic Card

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  • Optimal Configuration With NVidia Graphic Card

    Hi, how can i know what is the optimal configuration in driver application located in nvidia control panel, i mean what are the suitable parameters, as the Buffer Triple, Anisotropic Filtering, etc?

    I have a GT650M graphic card on my notebook.

    I wanna know the best configuration for FIFA15.

    I hope you can help me.


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    I start by shutting every setting to off and/or max performance. Then I switch them back on one at a time, checking the results in-game each time for looks and performance. That's about the only way to figure out which settings are best for your PC and you personally. If it's important for you to know what it is each setting does specifically, you should Google it.
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      i use global settings for all

      and in option tick USE ADVANCED 3D IMAGE SETTINGS

      you can check my thread for screenshots & see if you like
      checkout all my mods on moddingway for FIFA 14-16:

      visit my FIFA 16 HD Grass & gameplay thread:


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        Well... depending on if your GPU can handle it, I have a thread entitled FIFA 15 Graphics Optimization. You aren't going to get much graphical fidelity using only NVCP. You need Nvidia Inspector. I have received a lot of positive feedback on the thread. Check it out: