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Corrupted Career After Using Creation Master

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  • Corrupted Career After Using Creation Master

    I was poking around the files and must have accidentally saved the open db. Tried to play and my career was damaged. I restored the main db and the locale db from the .bak files that cm created, but my save still won't load. Anything I can do?

    edit: I'm now 100 percent sure the database is now again as it has always been before this, but still career won't load. I know there used to be programs that Rinaldo made that would try to sync a save and the db together. What other process can I possibly do?
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    Nothing, the profile was most likely updated and it is a done deal.


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      Seriously? So the profile is now compatible with the bad database, which makes it incompatible with the good database and it's career saves? And there's nothing that can be done?


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        My question: Why aren't you backing up your save files every few games? I've got 200+ backup copies of my save files and dbs, I just reload the previous save/db if I encounter an issue.
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