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  • Hello,

    Im an old member, ive been away from pc gaming for a while now for various reasons...and after sometime decided to start playing again

    I installed fifa 15 and tryed installing CM15, I have windows 10 the game runs fine, but cm15 will not work, it wont open after install, can anyone please assist me?

    (sorry if this not the right place for this doubt)


    • All of a sudden, today CM15 stoped working for me. Got various errors, being the main error 10004 while trying load the loc file. Select all ain't working, too

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      • how do I add kits in FIFA 15? I created new teams and new league in creation master 15 and saved it then regenerate but when I play the game, I can only see checkered green and red and not the kits that I made. please advise.

        the game runs well with the new team that i created but its the jersey thats messed up. it appears on creation master 15 but it only shows a checkered green and yellow in the game.


        • i finally got to make it work...

          unfortunately facemaster 15 doesnt work for me as it doesnt have select all in the menu