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Fifa 16 to Fifa 15 Hair Converter??

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  • Fifa 16 to Fifa 15 Hair Converter??

    Is there any way to convert Fifa 16 hair to Fifa 15? I tried to use the Fifa 14 to Fifa 15 converter but it doesn't work for me. If there is anyone that knows how to convert them to Fifa 15, it would be really appreciated!

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    Never mind guys I just found a solution as I had a bouncing hair problem in-game after converting FIFA 16 faces to FIFA 15. All you had to do was use the FIFA 14 to FIFA 15 converter by Moddingway and convert the 3D hair file. Then, you go into CM15 & import the converted 3D hair file but for the hairlod, just use the FIFA 15 hairlod instead of the FIFA 16 hairlod. Now you're done! Just play a match & see if the problem was resolved.

    P.S. I think it was amandeep who posted a reply in esQzme's thread saying something about testing both FIFA 15 & FIFA 16 hairlods which made me test it out so thanks to him!


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      Does that method just work for the original ones that are in Fifa 16 or also for all the great ones that the facemakers made so far? I'm just curious, because it would be awesome to finally convert all those faces and hairs to Fifa 15 in just a few simple steps.


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        Sadly, this method will only work for the original FIFA 16 faces but feel free to try this out with the other faces made by these talented face makers yourself. I'm guessing you know how to convert the original FIFA 16 faces to FIFA 15 already before you try it out by the way.


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          And can anybody try out the faces made the face makers to see if they could be converted like the original FIFA 16 faces as well?? I'm away from my pc atm so I can't test it out just yet


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            I would use esQzme's method ( to convert the faces or would that be the wrong way? I could test it in the next couple of days, if you want.
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              I use his same exact method so yeah you're fine. You can test it out if you want but you'll probably most likely need blender to convert them.