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Best gameplay and why?

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  • Best gameplay and why?

    Hi guys!

    I thought of setting up a thread for people to share which gameplay file they use with what settings and the good/bad points..

    For example I am presently using regcats v0.3 which is good for fouls but not so good for variation of CPU build up and long shots.

    My settings are on legendary and normal gameplay with default sliders.

    I find the game can be quite unresponsive and sluggish.. The funny thing is that the same gameplay seems to play better on my lower spec laptop then my gaming PC??!!!

    Another point is that are Fifa 12,13,14 and 16 gameplay files playable on 15 or is it just a placebo?

    Any ways look forwards to seeing some shares here...

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    Clearly not much interest.. Shame that as could have been a good thread..

    I am using Fidel 2.6 cl.ini only and it is good in terms of fouls but the game feels really sluggish.. Does anyone know why this is??

    I'm thinking of downgrading my game to version 1.3 having read about the changes.. Does anyone recommend it?


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      Try Jeetmusic gameplay on legendary,its unpredictable in each game


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        which version as there are a fair few out there...?


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          bump, which gameplay mods are there for vanilla?