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Problem with my created team

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  • Problem with my created team

    When create a new team in fifa 15, it will not write my teams name (In this case Serbia) Instead i write "*TeamName_Abbr15_130011". And it will not also show the picture. It is not beacause it is a national team. What am I doing wrong
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    I had the same problem. You have to put the language of the game to english,then it will work. the problem is, i now have checkerborded kits with red and green. Can u help me?


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      First you must open creation master by your language ,like english ,dont use the first choice (that called open fifa 2015)..
      After you creat your team you must make regenerat Bh
      Then open your game by language that used in creation master, like english
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        I have the same problem with the checkered kits. I tried pretty much everything: Editing in Creation Master 15 in English and German, starting the game in English and German. Importing/cloning several kits from other teams and I still get the checkered kits.
        What am I doing wrong?

        EDIT: I finally found the solution! The ModdingWay Mod renamed the kit folder (for whatever reason) to k16. I guess it's because they were converted at some point.
        So if anyone has the same problem: Make sure that your imported kits are in the same folder where all other kits are (obviously). Some patches seem to change essential folder names.
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