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Extend 15 Career/Export Career Mode Team To Single Player?

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  • Extend 15 Career/Export Career Mode Team To Single Player?

    Hey everyone.

    I've been looking around several forums the past few days for a way to extend my career mode that has ended at 2029, or find a way to carry on with my current squad on a new career.

    It seems as though extending to 2030 and beyond is out of the question, so the alternative, saving my whole career mode squad as a customised single player squad, seems to be the only option which may or may not be possible.

    The kind fellows over at the career mode thread (even the OP himself beta990) have suggested using Internal Master 12 by Rinaldo which apparently has worked for FIFA 14 and 13.

    From what I've read, this was done by using IM 12 to extract the career mode squad into a format which can then be used in DB Master, to then save into the FIFA 15 profile that can be loaded up and used in-game, thus allowing said squad to be used in a new career mode.

    However, that method doesn't seem to be applicable to FIFA 15. I haven't come across anyone who has done this successfully in FIFA 15. I think there was a teamplayerlinks.xml file in FIFA 13 and 14's folders which does not exist for FIFA 15's folders. This was supposedly the file that IM12 would extract the career mode squad data from to then be used in DB Master.

    As far as I've searched, key file is nowhere to be found for FIFA 15. Is there anyone who has successfully exported that FIFA 15 career mode squad into the single player profile? Or is there anyone who knows yet another method to workaround the 15 season career limit?