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Error Importing .CCF Files Into 3DS Max

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  • Error Importing .CCF Files Into 3DS Max

    So I am learning how to import/export faces from FIFA and I think I am doing everything alright...unfortunatly an error appears when I try to import the .cff file into 3dmax.
    This is how I do it:

    1- I export the face using Creation Master 15.
    2- Then I use the FIFA 14 CFC Head Converter.
    3- Now I use the Cyber Face Converter of FIFA 2 to convert the previous generated file into a .cff file.
    4- I run the "import .cff" script in 3dmax and select the .cff file and this happens:

    Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or if in this FIFA 15 there is a new method of imporitng/exporting faces.

    Thanks in advance
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    Did something wrong? Why they deleted my post?


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      So I am getting this error when I try to import a .cff file into 3d max with the import/export .cff script for 3dmax.

      "-- Runtime error: Vertex index in face out of rage: [1, 8708, 257]"

      I tried with faces from FIFA 13 to FIFA 15 and different versions of 3dmax but nothing works.

      Can anybody who use 3dmax for editing faces help me?

      Thanks in advance.