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FIFA 15 Gamepad Problem Solution

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      gamepad xbox problem


      so my friend wants to play fifa 15 against me. But his Xbox Controllers (Wired) wont work.

      This is the problem and info:
      - Buttons are not working correctly in-game
      - Two Gamepads are being shown in device-manager, but only one gamepad is actually connected
      - Buttons are working fine in windows
      - He has a test version of windows 7 64bit

      This is what I tried so far:
      - Updating drivers manually (keeps failing to install drivers)
      - Searching for the driver online (Can only find the normal program from Microsoft, which does not work)

      Thanks in Advance!


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            These players are on drugs


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              Guys its nto working on me, when i open the xbox360ce app, it says: an error as occured unhandled exception has occured in your application..


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                This video proves EA FIFA 15 servers are the biggest trolls!!!!!!!!!!!! Confirmed!!

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                  @LOLZ1: can you please stop spamming these videos constantly in the wrong thread?


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                    The mangalator is the terminator


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                      Originally posted by Sepak View Post
                      Thanks to jmmontoro:
                      I try your solution for my second gamepad (the first works with DS3Tool) than i've always used with x360ce on previously version of FIFA without any problems, but doesn't work on this. In the game start and select bucton are inverted like L2-L1 and R2-R1 and right analog isn't recognized. How can i fix it?


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                        Pllleaaaaaaaase How to change Chant supporter in FIFA 15 PC ???


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                          so i've tried the whole x360ce configuration solution, and i still can't get all the right stick to do all the skills moves.. can someone help?
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