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Game Crashing When Adding New Teams

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  • Game Crashing When Adding New Teams

    I currently have two issues with this db.
    This is a customised Moddingway db, with few extra teams from World Cup db.
    1. With the Legends XI team. The game crashes just before kit selection screen with this team. I have the required kits, fyi. This 42-man team includes players like Zidane, Ronaldo etc. There are few duplicate players (those who are already in the db, but i don't think that has any problem here, because there are players with the same name).
    2. With the Classic XI team. This is a highly moderated version of the original one (Kit numbers not yet done). The game crashes during the pre-match practice arena just before the notification of pressing 'Esc'. This 42-man teamincludes few players from the original Classic XI and Pele, Maradona etc.
    Just fyi, the moderated MLS Allstars and the imported FIFA XI works just fine. Every team is in the Extra Teams league under
    Both work fine in the Edit Teams, if that is of any importance.



    loc (english):

    It would be of much help if someone helps. Thanks in advance.
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    Wanna hear something funny? I initially answered you, but then I checked your post history. You did this same thing a year ago with FIFA 13... posted your files expecting someone to check them for you. AND I answered you back then as well. Anyway, same advice applies now as it did then, not that it even matters as you didn't reply to my post in 2013.

    If you're going to continue modding your game, you need to either learn how to mod properly, OR you need to learn how to troubleshoot as I explained to you in that other post.


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      Yes I apologise for a similar kind of problem again. For the previous part, I didnot answer to that question because I wasn't able to check it for long. And, when I did have something to answer, then I though it was probably too late for that. So sorry Bangus.
      Yes I know that I am new to modding, but I can possibly understand if someone points me to some direction related to editing something in DBM or CM. I posted the db's simply if someone thinks that it can be useful. It is not at all mandatory for someone to help me, I am just requesting if someone can help me.
      For this case, this is entirely a situation that I can not find any similarity to anything faced before. I have checked the formations table. I am just asking if someone has faced this type of situation before and got the solution or if someone can lead me to some possible checks that I should make.


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        That's fine, my advice stands. If you add something to a db, you add one thing at a time, then test it to make sure it works before adding something else. That's the way you avoid mistakes that cause crashes.

        I have no idea what you made/created/added, but it sounds like you created some teams and now they don't work. So go back to the original db without the teams. Add a team and see if it works. If it doesn't work, you know you made an editing mistake with that specific team. Now you've narrowed down the problem.


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          I have checked the team with other players. Then it is fine. Is there some problem with players with id greater than 290000?


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            Well, this is a problem with the players. Not some id over 290000. But maybe all the players. The team is perfect when there are other players in it. But with the newly imported players, there seems to be a problem.


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              What necessarily are the known reasons for crash in the kit selection screen?


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                Originally posted by ChKBPrGs View Post
                What necessarily are the known reasons for crash in the kit selection screen?
                Get rid of all mods.
                Start with a clean install and the default db.
                Add one of your teams.
                If the game works, add another one of your teams.
                If the game doesn't work, you need to fix the team you added.

                That is how you fix the problem. Doesn't sound like you did any of this.


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                  In fact, this is what solved my problem today morning. Using that same db on a fresh version of FIFA. Thanks for the tip though.