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  • Problem With Squad?

    Ok. First of all, excuse my english.
    I want to made actual transfers in CM 14 (like di Maria at Man.Utd, ter Stegen at Barca, etc). So, after i finishing edit squad when i want to start a new tournament, not manager mod, custom tournament i saw that ter Stegen is replaced by Bravo, di Maria or Falcao don't start in first 11, Bale replaced Benzema at Real Madrid. In kick off appears squad edited by me, but in tournament mod appears like "random" if i can say. What i do wrong, where it's the mistake? I want play a tournment against team edited,so is someone who can help me, please?

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    Formations are edited by the managers in Career and Tournament,
    Even kick-off can be changed by manager,
    Last time, ronaldo was subsitute real madrid

    You can't pick the opponents 11 -_-


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      You must select control of each individual team when setting up your tournament, in order to edit opponents' lineups before each game begins.