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  • Stadium Assignment?

    I have imported quite a few stadiums on my game and most of them are appearing all right, but...

    Few stadiums don't assign to certain teams. For example default stadium for RCD Espanyol is Waldstadion and after adding Cornella El Prat into my game I try to assign the stadium for the team in CM14's team generic page but after saving it always returns as Waldstadion.

    Is there something I haven't noticed here or what's the catch?

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    you might have to copy the waldstadion, change every team that uses the old one to this new stadium then replace the original with the cornella el prat

    i havent had these problems yet though so their might be an easyer way, dont take that advice as gospel


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      That won't be the solution.

      Anyway, I did some seeking and trying and managed to cope this issue with DBMaster. Over there there is a "teamstadiumlinks" page where I was able to force the right stadium for the teams I had problems with. It worked out and I didn't even lose my manager season.


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        yeah now i think about it it still involves changing the stadium assignment, but i had heared whispers that this is what you had to do to get stadiums in game

        problem with that is i havent had to do this the ones moddingway mod added all work fine when just plonked on a new stadium


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          I retract my previous statement....i just tried adding fir park and the same things happened


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            Figured it out .....if i have named the stadium the club uses it wont let me save changes to the stadium model on added stadiums

            And if i have a added stadium (say i give villa park to aston villa) it wont let me give the stadium a name on the team page

            So if you add a new stadium ....dont name it on the clubs profile...just on the stadium edit screen