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Two Questions About Changes In Database

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  • Two Questions About Changes In Database

    I have been following this forum for a long time now and let me first say that I really enjoy it and appreciate the work many members here put in to the game.
    I have two questions and this seemed like the right place to ask them:

    1. If I install or change a players face (using CM) will it affect a career that I have already started? for instance can I add a face for a player half way through a career or is that considered a change in the database that will make the career unplayable?

    2. What are the names of the different MW databases in Creation Master? Say I want to edit MW database 7, which database do I choose in Creation Master? I hope this question is clear enough.


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    Question 1 can be tested by you, it will take one minute. Question 2 I don't understand unless the MW mod has a different db setup. Because there's only ever one db to edit, located: game/data/db folder.


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      Yes but if I was to check it and it turns out that it does cause damage I will lose my career and I don't want that to happen, that's why I'm asking, cause I assume someone knows.
      About the second question, the Moddingway mod does indeed have a different layout, there is a separate folder that has several numbered databases. Thanks for the answer anyhow


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        Basic rule: Any changes to the db files will damage your career save files.


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          1. You can still go on with your career even if you add faces, flags, kits etc w/CM14.

          2. As far as I know you can only open one database which is the one you are playing with. And if you hassle with database itself you loose your current career.


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            Thank you very much my friends!