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HELP!! I Can't Do Any Transfers ??

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  • HELP!! I Can't Do Any Transfers ??

    suddenly when i start new career mode or load any career , in transfers window i make offers for players and everything but there's no respond and also no respond for other teams to make offers to buy my players , and i check the negotiation list after making any offer i don't found anything the list is empty ?? so what's the solution ?? the game was working very well before but suddenly this happen ??

    P.S : in edit teams i made the latest transfers for teams so is this has any effect so i can't make any transfers in career mode ??

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    You edit the game files, you end up with issues, that's a fact of editing. Remove all mods and edits, then try it. If it works, it means your edits are the problem. Which means you have to start over editing, and make sure whatever you edit doesn't screw up your game. You do that by TESTING your edits as you go, to make sure the game still works. And save backup files of all files as you edit; if you screw something up, just reinstall the previous backup that worked.