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  • Help with kits (CM14)

    Hello, I'm new to FIFA 14 editing, and I need help. I started creating a new team in Creation Master 14, but I can't figure it out how to make the kits working.

    This is how I made it:
    Firstly, I cloned a kit from another team and added it to my team.
    Then, I tried 2 things:

    1- Imported the kits in png format, saved, but when I start the game, the team has the kit from the team I cloned (basically, it doesn't save).

    2- Using FIFA File Explorer, I created the kit in rx3 format and then imported it in CM14. The kit shows up in CM14 (as you can see in this picture) but when I select the team in game, It crashes.

    Please Help, I'm a newbie on this. Tell me what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it, please.
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    I managed to import png images. I wasn't saving properly, but now it is working!