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  • FIFA optimization

    Let's talk about who and how optimize FIFA. I think it will be helpful for everybody.

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    I'll make archive with all files and put link at bottom of this messege.
    Ok, lets start.

    PHP Code:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 14\Game 
    Threads priorities - These lines change the priority assigned to the threads of the fifa.exe process. There are 4 levels available: 0 is the highest priority, 3 is the lowest. So you can configure it how you like.

    LOD settings.
    From LOW to U_HIGH. Low will give you better performance. So you can test it and choose that you like more.

    Also one trick - go to Documents\FIFA 14 and open fifasetup.ini. Check line RENDERINGQUALITY. At very low qualitty - RENDERINGQUALITY = 0. At low RENDERINGQUALITY = 1.
    But if you change it to 1.01 your kits will look much more better in-game. If you open fifaconfig this value will changed to 0 or 1. So you will need to channge this value again.

    At first you need make your hard drive defragmentation. I use Auslogics Disk Defrag.
    Open tool -> Click Defrag. It takes some time, especially if you've never done defragmentation.
    After go to your fifa folder.
    PHP Code:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games 
    Right click on FIFA 14 folder - Properties (uncheck Read-only) - Other - check ''Compress contents to save disk space''. Press ok. Apply. In the window confirm attribute changes check To this folder and all subfolders and files, press ok. And wait.
    Once this operation is completed, right click on FIFA 14 folder - Defragmenttion with DDP. And wait. After that make file regeneration via FileMaster for exmpl.
    Size 22.2 gb, but at disk only 14. Not bad, yeah?)) + better performance and less load on the hard disk.

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything))

    And link for files.
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      Hey, great idea mate..and usefull.

      I don't have that Platform.ini.

      Edit: ha, I did the "'Compress contents to save disk space'' thing and my FIFA folder, that was 38 GB, now is 18 GB (!!!!). I don't know how to thank you haha
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        The link does not work. By mistake and dangerous file , please let solve .


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          Originally posted by a97dps View Post
          The link does not work. By mistake and dangerous file , please let solve .
          Thats weird. Link is updated.


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            Now the link works..Thanks!

            i'll check it and give feedback.


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              Ok, I try it and I don't see any change..still a bit laggy..Maybe it's just my shitty PC, IDK....

              I'm concerned about the last line in Platform.ini

              //DISABLE_CROWD = 1

              What that's really means? I see normal crowds in game, no changes.

              EDIT: it runs better with the LOW LOD settings.
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                Need few testers.
                I did masive changes at files (I used for that pretty old laptop. I found it in the attic of my garden house, what a surprise that it still alive xD )
                What I did:
                - checked and changed some ini files and settings.lua for better performance.
                - create replay0.bin with read only attributes.
                - the third and most important in my opinion - tweaked crowd texture quality. As you know if you remove crowd your game will work much better. But it looks fckng ugly. So, I did some changes at crowd textures. And as result - better performance.

                As a result:
                I use very old laptop. Use a lot of converted graphic stuff from fifa 16 and 15. My renderingquality is 1.001, so kits doesn't look like plastic sh!t. Amazing non-stuttering or bugging gameplay. Aaaand... and I'm to lazzzy for write something more


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                  I can test it.


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                    If someone intersting.
                    I tried to configure some files at some notebook.
                    Gameplay and graphic stuff was ok. So, you can test it and try to configure it for your own PC/notebook.

                    - Notebook specs was next:
                    CPU - Mobile DualCore Intel Core i3-350M, 2266 MHz (17 x 133)
                    System memory - 3956 MB (DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM)
                    Video adapter - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series (512 MB )
                    About windows don't remember exactly, I thought it was Win 7 64 bit. Game was offline with all files from "fifa 16/15 to 14 projects", licensed, with origin.

                    At fifasetup I use RENDERINGQUALITY = 2.

                    You can see all "settings" files at archive. Link will be at the end of this post.
                    So check them and configure your own. Make sure you don't use some crazy edits at dlc folder. This can affect the performance of the game.
                    Don't use manager ai file (if you have it) at data/tm folder. Use it at regular way
                    Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\d ata
                    At the end - link to archive.