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how to add boots?

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  • how to add boots?

    Hello everyone
    im really newbie at this stuff.editing fifa files.not so good.
    i have the rx3 files of a boot.after adding the rx3 file to the sceneassets file.what's the next move to make those boots available in the game?
    P.S:im usin' moddingway patches
    Thank you
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    Hi there I'm looking for help on how to unlock boots pack 10 "The Rest Of The F50's" On Career Mode as a player I have unlocked most things but I'm just looking to get the rest of the boots. Like Messi's Boots if you can get them. I have tried everything but I don't know what else to do. I don't have any internet connection at the moment only my iPhone 4s. Can you or someone help me to unlock the rest of the boots or something please?.


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