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[Solved]FIFA 13 Crashing On Startup

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  • [Solved]FIFA 13 Crashing On Startup

    Hey guys, I've been playing FIFA 13 on PC for about a week, with everything running perfectly. Then today I turn it on and every time I get to the main menu the game crashes and auto closes. Has anyone else experienced this? The last thing I did on the PC last night was play FIFA, I then turned it off and the first thing I did today when turning it on was load it up, so I doubt anything out with the game has changed.

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    Copy and paste the backup copy of your original main FIFA 13 folder in the Origin Games folder, so it looks like this:

    FIFA 13
    FIFA 13 - Copy

    Next, rename the FIFA 13 folder, and call it FIFA 13 Current or something. Now rename the FIFA 13 - Copy folder and change it to FIFA 13.

    Now fire up the game; it will read from the newly renamed FIFA 13 folder. The game should start up with no issues because those are the original, unedited files. If the game starts up, that means your edited FIFA 13 Current folder is the problem. If the game doesn't start up, it means you have an issue with Origin and Origin's install files, meaning you may need to reinstall Origin.
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      Thanks I'll give that a go. Just seems strange as any editing I did was in the first day of install and it's been running fine now for 3-4 days.


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        Originally posted by VizualDze View Post
        Thanks I'll give that a go. Just seems strange as any editing I did was in the first day of install and it's been running fine now for 3-4 days.
        I had an issue with Origin a few months back; my game suddenly stopped working and wouldn't start up. After trying several things without finding the problem, the only thing left was to reinstall Origin, to see if that was causing the issue. I reinstalled Origin and my game worked perfectly after that, I have no idea what happened or why.


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          Also, there's a glitch with the Settings file that happens when you create custom formations and then transfer players around. It causes issues, so if you might try removing all Settings and Squads saves in your Documents folder and then see if the game starts up.


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            I uninstalled FIFA then put it back in and it's still crashing at the same point. Funny you should say about formations cause it has started coming up asking me about importing formations before crashing. Even if I say no it crashes though. When I booted it up for the first time after re-installing it said it was syncing from the cloud, I wonder if that it re-importing the settings that caused it to crash. How do I delete my cloud saves?


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              Quick update: Deleting all the Documents files and disabling cloud sync has worked for me. Thanks for all the help guys, hopefully this thread can be of use to anyone else experiencing this issue.


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                First i will suggest you to Update Device Drivers
                Open Start
                Type “Device Manager” in Search Box
                Check for driver updates, especially for Sound and Video drivers
                Right-click on Device | Update driver if required
                Let me know if it helps you
                Then read this presentation tutorial to fix your issue
                solution for fifa 13
                Best of luck