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  • oh no, sad news
    however, i cant seem to download your Champions League Scoreboard. i download the .exe file from 4shared, enter the password "", and then i always get an error message. i cant speak Portuguese, but i think the message says that the password is wrong

    Edit: dont worry, already made it
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    • I came to apologize for not having made the due credits and you FIFAMAN017. For so now I know who is responsible for the configuration. I just received the files from a friend, they had no name, I asked him, who he was, he told me did not know q. Peco apologies again, already put the due credits in two of three pages, because not one of them was me who posted. But as fast as possible,'ll fix the credits to u and him. Sorry again.
      On my blog I put the credits for all q scores found on the net:
      And I used q put the due credits. Besides being trying to contact the site responsible for the q u put. Sorry for the inconvenience.



      • First thing is, if you don't know for sure who made it, just don't post it. I'm feeling bad for being brazilian and seeing 3 brazilian sites being the reason for his retirement from FIFA.

        I'm just going to say that at the same time that exists lack of respect, there's a much bigger community that looks for and enjoys the modders works.


        • Originally posted by 2208binho View Post
          This is my last pic before go offline for some weeks.
          This is Premier Scoreboards. It creates scoreboards, but I just started it. I'll NOT release this tool!!! It's just a research for future references! Maybe I'll release it for FIFA 14, but I can't assure anything.

          Read more at:
          Please download link



          • Great !