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  • How to find .ini files

    I've searched the forums all night and all morning for a tutorial on how to access the .ini files in Fifa 13 but I haven't found any. The search results I found are about mods discussing the files but nobody explains how to access them. Can someone tell me what programs I need to access these files and how to reach the files once I have the program opened?

    I looking for the playergrowth.ini file but I don't know how to reach it. I read that it was in the data#.big files but again I don't know which data big file to open and more importantly how to open it. I really need some help.

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    FM 12 or FM 14.


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      I downloaded FM12 for editing my FIFA 13. When I open the "Game" folder of FIFA 13 using the FM12 browse function, I get an unspecified error. I read that I need a registry fix to get this program to work. Is this true? If so, where do I find the fix? My search results don't show me.


      Okay so I found File Master 13 that seems to work. I no longer get crashes but I don't know how to get to playergrowth.ini. What I did in FM13 was go to the game folder and then clicked on the data0.big file. Then a list of items came out on the right. So I looked for fifa_ng_db.xml and fifa_ng_db.db. I exported them and placed them in my fifa13/game/data/db folder. Then I opened DB 12 to view these files but I DON"T see the bloody playergrowth.ini file. What did I do wrong?
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        Search for beta990's career mode thread, get all the career files from there and add them to your game folder.


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          Does that allow me to edit .ini files? I don't understand. I looked up beta990 and saw he had career mode tweaks for Fifa 13 but I don't want his work. It does the opposite of what I want to accomplish, which is to reduce player growth.


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            reduce the values instead of increasing them.

            your going to have to play with the files until you get what you like.

            sometimes who just have to do for self.


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              Thank you for telling me about beta990 career files. It was a very informative thread and I learned so much about fifa modding. Muchas Gracias