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FIFA 13 PC editing - yikes!

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  • FIFA 13 PC editing - yikes!

    Hi folks,

    I just picked up FIFA 13 for PC as I'm tired of the Xbox360 version's limits on editing. I had heavily edited the DB for FIFA 13 on Xbox via the horrible online Creation Center and managed to add 500+ players and edit other current players. I added these players via custom teams that replaced existing teams in minor leagues (e.g. MLS) so I could have the 500+ custom players included in a Career mode game. The 500+ players are a classic players list, from the 1930's through till the 2000's, adding all the great players not in the game.

    So, having read a lot of the threads here on the forum, my questions here are as follows:

    If I want to edit the PC version of FIFA 13 to add in these players to the DB so they'll be available to a Career game, how do I go about this?

    I'm assuming I would ignore the Creation Center for PC versions and instead work on the DB directly?

    I don't anticipate adding teams or needing to add graphics except possibly player faces.

    Should I use Creation Master 13 for this?

    Do I need other tools?

    If I use CM13 to add players, am I losing any functionality that Creation Center offers in terms of what edits can be made to players, e.g. skill moves?

    If using CM13, can someone tell me which files it will work on, so I can keep staggered back-ups of those files as they are edited?

    Are there any known bugs with the PC version of FIFA13, related to editing DBs and career mode?

    What is the 'Regenerate BH' option in CM13 and do I need to do this?

    Also, what does the Expand Database option do?

    Is there a way to edit players (i.e. create them) in a spreadsheet to make this faster? Having 500+ players is going to take some time!

    Any other tips/advice in terms of approach and tools would be appreciated.