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  • Originally posted by fedeX View Post
    Hi, im just wondering, how can i be sure that i intalled this correctly??

    This is what i did:
    1_I replace the product.ini (paul`s) in the game folder with your productDANGER.ini.
    2_i delete the "DANGER" part.
    3_Then i regenerate the

    But when i go in the practice arena, i get a white ea ball, not the orange one that someone mentioned before.

    Are the changes in gameplay really noticeables?

    i`ll appreciate any help!!

    Pauls and my Product.ini mod are quite close. You did everything right. The arena ball showing depending which ID you use in your game for no.4........
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    • @lexot4n
      Thanks my friend. I play the game without changing slider except F.Touch Error on both sides to 100. That creates more fouls !!!!
      Import with DB Master 12 the downloaded textfile - you mean that with your p.s. ?
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      • Originally posted by Danger-Boy72 View Post
        Import with DB Master 12 the downloaded textfile - you mean that with your p.s. ?
        I was tryin to say that to experience the whole thing everyone should edit fieldpositionboundingboxes using your .txt; I already did.
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        • What thing should I change to increase the scoring with headers.... For example I awlays jump but they take the ball.
          Also the volly scoring chance? What Should I increase?
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