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Community Discussion: How To Improve FIFA 13

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    I didn't understood Pirlo21's ALGO Structures..but nevertheless, I have an idea which I think EA Should include in the next Edition..

    The focus is on the Transfer system in Manager mode. It's at the moment all about cash..but it's not like that in the real it ??

    Features like Next sale Profit Percentage, Swap loans as Tottenham did last season and using Jake Livermore as a makeweight, also an effective installment system in which you make a down payment and pay the remainder of the cash in a monthly scheme..all in all, EA should take some lessons from the FM Series..what do You say fellas ??


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      i've always wanted to see that in fifa, but its sad to see that missing i hope they add that to the transfer negotiations soon. hopefully in fifa 14

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        One thing I would like to see in the next Fifa ( though highly unlikely) is to see a complete overhaul of the attribute system. Most of the attribute values do not represent what their name suggests. It seems as if EA just wants to 'make it look nice'. Ea should include only those attributes that actually are a working part of the present physics engine.

        It would also make it much easier to tailor the game-play to ones liking. Changes in attribs would ACTUALLY have a direct effect at how the game plays.


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          Originally posted by Godsrain
          Why? This happens every now and then in real life.


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            the freakin' custom volume settings. Custom soundtracks and crowd chants are too quiet, and MP3gain can only increase the gain so much before the sound quality becomes terrible. Seriously, how can I complain to the developers of FIFA 14?


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              Pro Career

              I've noticed that when your transfer cost gets too high you will only get tranfer offers from rich clubs (Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern, etc.).
              And if you reload your career, the same clubs will offer you contracts.

              I want some midtable clubs to sign me, or at least more variety of offers. How do i get different transfer offers?? any help would be appreciated!!