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    Hey guys

    I've been trying to create Senegalaise Ligue 1 as accurately as possible in hopes that I can play with it in career mode. I've chosen to replace the polish Extraklasa, but some problems have already came along even though I'm not even close to being done.

    First off, as I did predict, I can't play with any team from the league in career mode. I assume this is related to possibly both of my other problems.

    I'm not sure but I do think the Extraklasa has a cup added to it. I have no idea how to edit this since CM 12 isn't able to do it, but from the little I do know I understand it should be found somewhere in settings.txt and compobj.txt? I'd appreciate some more info on this. When chosing a tournament to play in FIFA right now I go under Senegal and the only tournament that shows up is a blurry trophy with red text that says "undefined" so I assume the polish cup and the new senegalese league aren't linked.

    My third problem is that I can't regenerate using i68regenerator. The CM12 one doesn't regenerate minifaces amongst other things so I was wondering if there is a third option which works the same way? The i68regenerator always says "unhandled exception detected. module not found: hresult - 0x8007007e" or something like that. Does anyone know what the problem is? Maybe it's a missing dll or something? it used to work before so I don't understand why it doesn't do so now.

    So a short summary: is there a way to edit the league cups? The polish cup to be more specific.
    What other reasons might there be as to why my career mode crashes when replacing a league?
    Is there an alternative way of regenerating your files rather than using i68regenerator or the CM12 regenerator.

    I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.

    EDIT: Alright, I reinstalled my FIFA and decided to retry this from the beginning. Instead of replacing Extraklasa and assigning it to Senegal I decided to switch places between Senegal and Poland in order to not confuse the links. Now tournaments work. I have a new problem though.

    I can't edit the little flag showing up for players from that country. It will say they are from Senegal but the flag is that of Poland. It says "cannot complete the creation of the required big file" when I try to import the flag. Any ideas on how to do this?

    Also, because of this, as of now, career mode seems to work. But the problem with the regenerator seems to persist and it really sucks because I can't mod FIFA properly as long as the regenerator doesn't work. I've tried older versions and I've tried using dependency walker (even noticing a missing .dll which I downloaded) but without success.

    I suppose there is no other way of regenerating though...

    A quick question though, is it possible to create new players with new IDs? Because right now I'm replacing polish players and there are a lot of problems with minifaces. These problems won't come up if I create new players.

    Thanks for any help I can get.
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