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  • Forum Language : ENGLISH ONLY

    this thread has been created since nobody seems to want to listen to what the mods & forum rules have to say.

    i have made mention of it to several russian, portuguese, italian, romanian posters who have posted in a language other than english.

    if you want to post in your native language, underneath the post in your native language needs to be an english translation.

    the forum doesnt belong to you individually or to a group of certain members who speak a certain language.

    everybody here deserves to see, read & understand what you are saying in your post.

    see to it that you follow this thread as a guide to what will be tolerated & how to go about it.

    if not you will see a yellow card & if you received a yellow & you continue there will be problems.

    thanks in advance,
    mod team

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    I completely agree, although I made that fail once.

    Credits to Jelle from FV and FB.