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    Originally posted by x119 View Post
    Is that possible to make the scouted players do not become so often copy of Messi? I would like that only few could have good chances to have in the future 80..Is there a way to make it more difficult?
    This is possible. You can change the frequency at which scouts identify "platinum level" technically gifted players. I will look at the scout.ini file and try to right an explanation on how to alter this frequency. I think we will also, need to reduce the generation of such players as well, but I will need to search for the right place to stop their generation.

    How frequently do you think Messi-like players should be found?

    What I don't like about the Scout system is that it really never creates true 92+ superstars. I would prefer that it makes at least 1 of these every two to three years. I will see if I can create a new player level class and pass it to the scout.ini file.

    What else do you guys think should be changed about scouting?


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      Look at the real world, how many Messi are there? 1.
      To me, the majority of young players should reach 65-75...and above very very rare with high costes! Look at pato 20mln when he was 17...

      I do want all more difficult to reach. This is my idea!


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        Good job with some of these player valuation dependencies Exo! Milan got Nocerino from Palermo for 500k as he was going into the last year of his deal, so Palermo sold him for practically nothing. I still think it was dumb of them to do, and I am loving him on Milan, but it shows how some teams act in certain situations.

        I gave up trying to edit the db. I am thinking that there may be something wrong with my in game settings. The teams funds adjust down pretty well, although not to what I set them too. Just can't keep wasting any more time on it. Need to start looking at these values and testing....

        Can you change some of these ini file settings mid career mode and have them take hold in that mode, or do you have to start a new one after making changes? Just curious if anyone has looked into that yet and knows for certain.

        EDIT: Gosh, I fecking hate myself! The reason my transfer values were off were because I had the test starting of a CM on World Class Board and not Legendary. On Legendary, they show as I edited them on the database.

        Part of me wants to celebrate, part of me wants to pound my head into a wall and never look at this stuff again.

        At least I know I am somewhat sane and doing this correctly......
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          So I added some of the values that Exocyst and others came up with in transfer, playervalues and playerswages ini files and did a test sim with Man City. Tweaked a value in the values file, but all else was as suggested. Here is what I saw through the summer transfer period.

          Offers I got:

          Arsenal asking for Lescott - offered 13M, valued at 17M - 3 years left on contract

          Liverpool asking for Adam Johnson - offered 31.5M, valued at 31M, 2 yrs 11 mo left on contract - seems to be in the reserves on the "customized roster".

          Man U asking for Y. Toure - offered 17M, valued at 19M, 3 yrs left on contract

          I believe some of the player valuations on my team went up as the year started. Toure was at 17M to start and Kompay was at 44M and they went to 19M and 48M respectfully, pretty sure I didn't imagine that. Maybe due to the playervalue,ini file changes I would think.

          Now onto the transfers outside my team. Started off good, but then went bad. Chelsea bought Rooney for 69M, lol. Now they offloaded Drogba to Inter for 23M and Maluoda to Juve for 25M. To me those are good deals for them in getting good value for those two. Just hate seeing Rooney sold. Anyone know his in game valuation. They did pay a ton for him, I assume more then he was valued.

          Cahill went somewhere for 18M, didn't recognize the symbol of the side who bought him.

          Sandro went to Marseille for 17.5, Glen Johnson back to Spurs for 22M on deadline day. Only "big" move that day.

          Interesting offer that never materialized was United offering 74M for Modric with 4 hours left on deadline day. lol Nothing happened though. Still pretty cool after what happened. While you are still shutoff from the outside world in CM, it seems really improved. Hope that is the next step next year and we can see info and more from the whole world not just the league you are in.

          I saved this CM and will try to sim on tomorrow as time permits and see what I get.


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            Originally posted by x119 View Post
            Look at the real world, how many Messi are there? 1.
            To me, the majority of young players should reach 65-75...and above very very rare with high costes! Look at pato 20mln when he was 17...

            I do want all more difficult to reach. This is my idea!
            I think this is is how I think you do it:

            1st, Taken from scout.ini, here is a break down of the regions by number:
            // 2 = SUBREGION_NORTH_AMERICA,
            // 6 = SUBREGION_CENTRAL_EUROPE,
            // 7 = SUBREGION_REST_OF_EUROPE,
            // 8 = SUBREGION_JAPAN_CHINA,
            // 9 = SUBREGION_REST_OF_ASIA,
            // 10 = SUBREGION_AUSTRALIA,
            // 11 = SUBREGION_AFRICA,

            You will need this table to understand the next part.

            1. Open youth_scout.ini

            2. Scroll to bottom section, and find section [YOUTH_SCOUT_YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE]. You will see a list of 12. This list provides the percentage of players of bronze quality will be created in the 12 regions. There is a separate table for each quality level. So, if you want to reduce platinum level players, then Reduce the numbers in [YOUTH_SCOUT_YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM]. Make sure that you add this number to another group though or you may break the system. In other words, if you want to reduce the percentage of players who are platinum in region 0 (argentina and brazil), then change:

            YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_0=15 // Subtract 10 from this value

            to something like


            but make sure you add the 10 to one of the other groups (like Gold):

            YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_0=20 // Add +10 to this value



            You can also change how often each of the player types are created, too by performing a similar adjustment to each of these tables:


            I hope this helps, and let us know how it turns out.


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              Thanks man, with your advises I found this solution to be optimal for my idea of hard mode:

              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_0	64
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_1	79
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_2	70
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_3	61
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_4	64
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_5	62
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_6	60
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_7	66
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_8	72
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_9	77
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_10	82
              YOUTH_PLAYER_BRONZE_11	67
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_0	3
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_1	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_2	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_3	3
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_4	4
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_5	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_6	3
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_7	3
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_8	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_9	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_10	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_GOLD_11	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_0	3
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_1	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_2	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_3	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_4	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_5	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_6	2
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_7	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_8	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_9	1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_10 1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_PLATINUM_11 1
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_0	30
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_1	18
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_2	28
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_3	35
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_4	30
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_5	35
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_6	35
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_7	30
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_8	25
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_9	20
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_10	15
              YOUTH_PLAYER_SILVER_11	30
              Now I would like to tweak their potential attributes in scout.ini
              I found interesting this lines, are you able to explain me their effects?

              SCOUT_MAXIMUM_SCOUTS_NUMBER   = 3  // Three scouts per user, at most 
              If I put here "1", will my opportunity be reduced  of finding a young player??
              SCOUT_NUM_DAYS_FOR_POOL_UPDATE = 7  // The Scouts' Pool will be updated (re-filled) every #? number of days
              VALSCURRENCY = 0		// The values defined in RATINGRANGE are defined in this currency: 0 = Pounds, 1 = dollars, 2 = Euros
              SCOUT_COST_KNOWLEDGE_LEVEL_1  = 30000
              SCOUT_COST_KNOWLEDGE_LEVEL_2  = 120000
              SCOUT_COST_KNOWLEDGE_LEVEL_3  = 700000
              SCOUT_COST_KNOWLEDGE_LEVEL_4  = 3000000
              SCOUT_COST_KNOWLEDGE_LEVEL_5  = 5000000
              SCOUT_COST_EXPERIENCE_LEVEL_1  = 20000
              SCOUT_COST_EXPERIENCE_LEVEL_2  = 100000
              SCOUT_COST_EXPERIENCE_LEVEL_3  = 500000
              SCOUT_COST_EXPERIENCE_LEVEL_4  = 2000000
              SCOUT_COST_EXPERIENCE_LEVEL_5  = 4000000
              If I do increase this value, It would be more expensive the activity of scouting?
              // PLAYER TIER: Potential and Av. Attributes 
              YOUTH_PLAYER_AGE_RANGE_LOW  = 14
              YOUTH_PLAYER_AGE_RANGE_HIGH = 16
              TIER_1_POTENTIAL_RANGE_0 = 82	// Tier 1, Potential Range Low  = 0
              TIER_1_POTENTIAL_RANGE_1 = 87	// Tier 1, Potential Range High = 1
              TIER_2_POTENTIAL_RANGE_0 = 77	// Tier 2, Potential Range Low  = 0
              TIER_2_POTENTIAL_RANGE_1 = 81	// Tier 2, Potential Range High = 1
              TIER_3_POTENTIAL_RANGE_0 = 71	// Tier 3, Potential Range Low  = 0
              TIER_3_POTENTIAL_RANGE_1 = 77	// Tier 3, Potential Range High = 1
              TIER_4_POTENTIAL_RANGE_0 = 55	// Tier 4, Potential Range Low  = 0
              TIER_4_POTENTIAL_RANGE_1 = 70	// Tier 4, Potential Range High = 1
              Can you explain me this lines? 
              Last thing, to make more slow the growing of players how do I have to modify this lines of PLAYERGROWTH.ini:

              // Match experience
              MATCHEXPERIENCE_MAX = 100			// Maximum amount of match experience that a player can earn before hitting a growth point
              MATCHEXPERIENCE_MIN = -50			// Minimum amount of match experience that a player can earn
              MATCHEXPERIENCEPOINTS_BASE = 13			// Base amount of match experience earned 
              MATCHEXPERIENCEPOINTS_MAX = 19			// Upper bound to the amount of match experience that a player can earn
              MATCHEXPERIENCEPOINTS_MIN = 8			// Lower bound to the amount of match experience that a player can earn
              MATCHEXPERIENCEPOINTS_INJURED_BASE = 0		// Base amount of xp points earned (negatively) for injured players
              Thx so much!
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                Simmed ahead in my Man City test and got to winter. Man U offered 66M for Silva when he was valued at 53M. Arsenal offered 26.5M for Y Toure when he was valued at 32.5M.

                Big winter moves were Samba from Rovers ro Liverpool for 19M. Gibbs from Arsenal to Villa for 17M and Muamba from Bolton to Man U for 13M.

                Got large bonuses when the season ended. I won the title and seemed to get a 33M bonus after the season ended and then when I went to the next year got another 23M I guess because they said I was the guy for the job and met alot of objectives. As Kasey found out earlier in the thread, these bonuses and the EOS bonuses need to be removed or toned down.

                Next summer nothing too crazy happened. Spurs wanted K. Toure and offereed twice getting to 17M. He only has 11 months left on his deal and his valuation went up from 11M to 12.5M in between offers. Liverpool also offered 13M for him and someone wanted Lescott for a tad below his market value.

                No deadline day deals were big. Maicon to Spurs for 15.5M and Song to Villa for 22M were the big deals over the summer.

                Pretty good, although I guess every year there is alot of movement and someone either gets paid alot to move or a big or somewhat big name moves. I guess the hard part is how to avoid Rooney getting sold, but still keeping movement. This is better though then the default by lots and lots of miles.


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                  Originally posted by SgarbaX View Post
                  mhh i dont'see such file , i have board.ini, commentators.ini,fitness.ini, but no setting.txt
                  i found a settings.txt .in data1.big, extracted decompressed with quickbms, and actually the string is there, when edited, should i put it in FootballCompEng\data\compdata and refresh?

                  I noted that there are a bunch of info_prize_money :
                  and so on , don't know if we could lower all these to 0 and what they mean...
                  any clues KaseyKeller ?
                  Guys, I have tried to compare the values found here to the database to match up league id numbers, but alot of times it doesn't seem to match up. Is the numerical value of 49 & 60 in the quoted post the league id for two leagues?

                  Is the 2,400,000 value multiplied by something to get the high value? Anyone know what prize_money_drop, 100 means? Thanks!

                  EDIT: Perhaps 100 is the multiplier, which is funny if so. Kasey noted that Chelsea went up 100M after one season, so perhaps that is how this is set to work?

                  I know there are bonuses that teams get, but in real life I would imagine there are alot more real world costs associated with running a club then this game has included. They always say that making the CL group stage nets a club around 20M total from UEFA, not sure the cost of winning it, but you would think you get more the further you progress. It would be cool to simulate that a bit as a reward for progress and a set back for teams who dont qualify. In the real world, teams feel that hurt when they miss out. I know Milan did for a bit when they had that awful year and missed out on CL two years ago.
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                    In previous pages there is a way to reduce bonuses...but must be applied to all leagues and i dunno about it! Maybe someone could take care of it!


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                      What to write, what would a career mode in the match has always been a night?
                      Blaugrana al vent
                      Un crit valent
                      Tenim un nom que el sap tothom

                      Bara, Bara, Bara !


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                        Originally posted by cubby View Post
                        Guys, I have tried to compare the values found here to the database to match up league id numbers, but alot of times it doesn't seem to match up. Is the numerical value of 49 & 60 in the quoted post the league id for two leagues?
                        No there is an asset_id line which corresponds to the league id. So here's the complete entry for the EPL:



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                          Ha, I posted this a minute or so too late, thanks Kasey, it makes sense now.


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                            Can anyone tell me where in the database the league cup information is stored, or perhaps it is not there?

                            Also, is there a place where the settings can be changed for board difficulty? I know the bonuses and amount of funds available can be changed, but are settings for how lenient they will be will you depending on how you do? Thanks.


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                              The leagues are easy to identify as their asset_id in settings.txt matches their leagueid found in the database. The cups are a little harder to identify.
                              He said that...


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                                Originally posted by x119 View Post
                                He said that...
                                Ha, good point, maybe it is unknown. I know regularcat's mod renamed all of the cups, so I though there was a place somewhere in the database that had the information and maybe an id to tie them to the settings file.

                                So I simmed a little bit more though another winter market in my City sim. All was great as the big moves were Nilmar to Inter for 23M (not sure what team he was on, couldn't make out the logo and tie it to a club, could be his current club in Brazil, I think he is still in Brazil) and Raul Meralsis (sp?) from Chelsea to Roma for 18M. In the last week though Chelsea sold Rooney to Arsenal for 47M! lol

                                Maybe there is no way to avoid some of these oddball moves, and they will happen every now and then as I believe I saw randomizing modifiers in the code. He seemed to have a quiet year last year, but they finished second to me and this year after a slow start he caught fire and was second in goals with 12 when he was sold, since this test sim does not have edits for the league bonuses, these teams do have alot of money they shouldn't have. I made these changes now and may keep this test through the next summer market and start a new now that I have made those edits.

                                Can anyone make out the information in playervalues.ini for club and international reputation? International reputation values seem zeroed out?