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    how to create a new team with db master or other ? thank you


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      Guys, I have read in a thread here somewhere how to edit the players' morale for CM but I cannot find it here anymore. Where could it be? Oh and btw, which big file is that located again?


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        Is there any way to convert pounds to kilograms, yards to meters, inches to centimeters...?

        I want english language in game with metric mesures if it's possible.
        I use PC version.

        Thank You!


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          wanted to edit players ages and potential
          So using "File master 12" I exported the necessary files from data0 and with
          "DB master 12" I was able to open and edit the ages and the potentials of the players i wanted and save it.
          But its the last part where I'm struggling, I tried regenerating the files with DB Master 12, it happens successfully but there is no change in the game.

          can anyone help me out here?
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            Hello Guys, I'm newbies in Fifa game, i want to know how to insert a patch in CM12. Thanx


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              does anyone know if its possible to change the front number colour withuot changing the back number colour?
              for expample in italy new away kit

              sorry for my english


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                what i need change for modify the size of numbers, fonts ... someone ?


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                  Originally posted by aresMX View Post
                  what i need change for modify the size of numbers, fonts ... someone ?

                  use the CM12


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                    Hi. Can anyone tell me please about the full list of 3d faces. I saw Pele and Maradona there. Are they part of the game. Can they be played with career mode. or is it possible to play the classic XI in career mode? Thanks... Sorry I'm pretty new to this.


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                      Hi! I have got a question! How to import fifa 11 faces in to the fifa 12? I have got a fifa 11 face, I'd like import to fifa 12! How to this?? Thank you helps!

                      (sorry, but i don't speak english very well!)


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                        How to extend manager mode to more than 15 seasons?


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                          People hepl! I started to do some teams in cm ... And I do 5-6 players and other teams I put out some six leagues from England , I put jerseys, preserve, and regenerate Fifa. And when you go in and choose the team that I have made and click ENTER to next step, I automatically ejected from the game. I tried to erase all of my documents, I even Fifa reinstall but not working. If anyone knows what the problem let me help!


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                            Hi, my first post and i doubt i'll get any help but i'm desperate.. anyway

                            i finally managed to work CM12, changed a few stuff but when it came to importing kits, i'm gonna lose it!!

                            i made some beautiful kits myself for my team.. i import the PNG file and save it. close the CM12, when i run the game or re-open CM12, it's like i've done nothing at all. no change !!!

                            some other things work, like editing team names, editing players/rosters etc..

                            but I CAN'T IMPORT THE GODDAMN JERSEY !

                            is there anyway you guys could help me ?


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                              i guess someone will reply 2000 years later


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                                .... make CPU shoot more?


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