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    I've been checking the forums for the past 2 weeks and I've finally gotten something to use when I got Rinaldo's DB Master 12. I used the Fifa 12 Textures to get the data0.big and data1.big files extracted. Then got the .xml file containing the data for the players so I can edit some old players to be a bit younger (love to play David Beckham and don't wanna see him retire yet).

    The db file where I am accessing them from (where the extracted files are put) is in CProgram Files\Fifa 12\Game\data\db\.

    Was able to finally edit something with the beta DBM 12 of Rinaldo but when I am saving it, I got this error message:
    Access to the path 'CProgram Files\FIFA 12\Game\data\db\fifa_ng_db.db.bak' is denied

    I don't know the next step how to go forward on this one being a beginner and all since I've played with the PS2 and Xbox versions of FIFA but decided to play here in the PC instead (due to aspect ratio issues in the xbox version and can't edit their ages). If only I can save the file, I think the next step would use the regenerator from Fidel. But could someone assist me in on this?


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      Try : Go to Properties fo DBM 12 an check in Compatibility ``Run as an administrator´´ apply and works!

      * It is possible to extract a cup in 3d format with the texture?

      *And can anybody help me? I can`t open FileMaster 12 and FIFA 12 Texture Editor.

      -Sorry for my bad English-


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        Does anyone know how I can declare additional kits as Fourth Kit or Fifth Kit in kit selection ingame?
        I opened the German language DB and copied the 3 records "3. Trikot" and changed the string ID to
        kit_type_4 for example. Furthermore I calculated the hash ID with the hash calculator. Ingame it's still the
        same, my added fourth kit is still declared as "3. Trikot".


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          Originally posted by Kezmanomania View Post
          does someone have an tutorial how to import kits into the game?
          I thought I'd ask this too, is there a detailed tutorial on how to import Kits and boots into the game?

          Since it is the How to thread?


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            I'd also like to know how I can edit the boots and faces. It's my first FIFA for years, I don't know anything about editing here...


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              How can I import a badge of one team created? And what are the dimensiones of the badge?


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                Q : Texture editor isn´t working on my PC and on many Win 7 64 bit ... Any suggestions how to import new textures ??


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                  With FileMaster 11 and with rx3. convertor of FileMaster12.


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                    Just saw for the first time now that this time adboard switching without closing the
                    game is possible because Arena uses a different ID and so it can load well when
                    starting a new game


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                      I have a question and I have been tinkering the program and read (and tried to my best) the details here.

                      According to what I've read DBM12 extracts the details from the .BIG files and from there, anything that's edited there will be the one used by the game, right? (Please correct me if I am wrong)

                      Now, I ran the DBM12 under Administrator, clicked on File>Extract from .BIG>Main Database then I can only see "Database not present in the .BIG File"

                      How can I overcome this situation? I want to have David Beckham go as young as 20 years old (same with Del Piero and the others for that matter).


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                        How can I convert in .dds format with Photoshop because the DDS Converter doesen´t work?
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                          how can i import the created cyber face in my fifa 12 (cracked version)?


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                            Here's what i found in regard to installing kits

                            Originally posted by regularcat View Post
                            its not that we think that, its more the fact that the answers are in forum, the question is have you taken the time to find it.

                            use texture editor to replace the kit textures w/ the kits you downloaded.
                            you need to get the teams id to find the kit.rx3 to swap textures.

                            just remember this guys, older members are getting tired of babying you new members.
                            your eyes & hands work, so reading & searching isnt too hard for someone w/ those abilities to do.
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                              Originally posted by LoLo17 View Post
                              How can I convert in .dds format with Photoshop because the DDS Converter doesen´t work?
                              you must install plugin for Photoshop . Which graphic card did you use ?
                              You go to web site of company which manufactured your graphic card to download plugin for Photoshop !
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                                is there any alternative for texture editor? mine is not working?
                                * working now!
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