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Corrected EPL Seitiro Colours

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  • Corrected EPL Seitiro Colours

    One thing that I found weird in FIFA 12 is that the Nike Seitiro colours are washed out for some reason on the EPL ball. Blue instead of black was the main one, and the orange was much lighter. So I exported and fixed the colours of the ball in Photoshop. Here it is:

    You can see in this screenshot what the ball used to look like to see what I mean.

    Now an image of the real ball and what it should have looked like, I also had the authentic ball next to me when I did the colour correction so colours are 100% accurate!

    It wasn't a big job, but I thought you guys who love perfect authenticity would enjoy this.

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    can you upload the original one so that I can make a comparison?
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      Nope, I'm not at the computer I play FIFA 12 on at the moment, but you can see from the screenshot I found on the internet what the ball colours used to be like.


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        I'm converting the Seitiro ballpack I made for FIFA11 (including the missing Serie A Seitiro) if anybody should want it, the download link will be in my thread soon.


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 sorry if i bothered u..tnx very much
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            Poxa será que nao tem como fazer a Brazuca para o fifa 08?


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