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How do they do it??

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  • How do they do it??

    Okay All ....

    ... I love football (aka soccer) and I love FIFA games.

    I have just started trying to push myself in my abilities. I would love to know two things ....

    1. When playing multiplayer how does an opposing member so easily strip me and keep going so smoothly. Granted I am not good at doing moves and what not but it's just how simple they make it. I can even tackle the ball away and in one clean motion they take it back and are gone. I stay off of sprint .. i use the LT1 for controling the ball. I'm missing something. Any advice would be nice. I use Contain and don't slide uselessly but it seems others know something I don't. I don't think it can all be experience can it?

    2. Is there a secret to having more than one guy in the box on a cross. Seems like I play it to the wings and then when i cross there is just one of my guys and 4 of theirs. When ppl i play do it .... there are three men in the box.

    I have no issue w/ practicing if that's all it takes but the stripping of the ball so easily and smoothly w/o tackling is confusing me.


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    it's about formation, aggression, team mentality, etc.

    when you play you aren't controlling players, you have to be tactful and think ahead of your opponent.

    if you are simply running up and down the pitch you will lose, pick teams that tend to use your style of play and run with them.

    don't pick barca and play crosses all match.


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      yeah mate its all about formation, aggresion, and team work..............