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everything reset in cm11

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  • everything reset in cm11


    I did some editing and regenerate and it worked perfectly I still had everything but then I accidently regenerated again in cm11 and saved and for some reason everything has been reset and everything else is gone.. I've heard that CM11 makes an backup called "fifa_ng_db.db.bak" and I have to remove the .bak and replace the old one, I did that and regenerate but it didnt do anything? someone has any ideas and can help me?

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    Super8 did you find a solution??

    pls help guys!!

    yesterday I important RCat's FINAL AI into my data0.big folder using FM11 and regenerated, I was already using RCat's beta AI. Problem now is that I have somehow lost all my edited kits, faces, squads, boots, flags..(basically everything) as all have been reset to default ones in the game and in CM11.

    this editing took many months and hours of work, is there anything I can do to reverse this? I did make a back up of both my data0.big and files and have tried installing them back but I still get the same issue.

    any help is much appreciated as I am going crazy here!!