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Is there a way to edit rosters in manager mode? Or increase wage budget?

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  • Is there a way to edit rosters in manager mode? Or increase wage budget?

    Hell, My name is Ryan and I am new here.

    I am 6 years in with a career with newcastle united. I built the team up by buying and selling players. I acquired alexandre pato a couple years back in the franchise. After the last season ended the player's contract expired and in order for me to renew it I would have been in the negative. So, I didnt renew the contract. He is now in freeagents and he is sitting there. I noticed some of these players never leave freeagents. No team picked him up during the transfer market. Is there a way to edit my manager mode to get him on a team or increase my wage budget so I can bring him back. Hes like a 94, the second best player in the game, and the player is just sitting.

    Thank you so much! Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Ryan. There's an editing tool created by rinaldo called Internal Master that allows you to edit your career saves which works with earlier versions of FIFA. Problem is his site appears to have been hacked and I'm not sure I'd trust logging onto it to download his tools. You might need to search around here and see if you can find someone who can post the tool on mediafire or something.

    EDIT: I was able to access his site just now for the first time in months. Use at your own risk!
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      Yeah, it wont let me go through. My computer gives me a million red flags.

      But, has anyone else ever have that issue with players in freeagents just sitting there?

      If this was real life, the second best player in the world would not have trouble finding a new team.


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