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Chuckinho's Scottish Leagues Patch for FIFA 11

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    Back from holiday 2100 miles later.

    I've uploaded a newer version of the patch here.

    Hopefully this works.
    Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


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      After some little issues with my CM11, I've finally managed to put the all 3 SFL Divisions in-game!

      Thanks sooo very much Chuckinho!

      The only thing, if I'm not mistaken, you forgot to put Ross Co. home jersey in.

      Not that it matters for me, 'cos I've put one I made earlier myself, so life's just right now!

      Thanks again for a wonderful late X-mas present!


      • #18
        Good news then,
        Below is my kit for County - surprised it wasn't in the patch.

        Are there less people using this forum nowadays, I'd have had 15 complaints by now a couple of years ago.
        Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


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          Ah, speaking of complaints...

          I've got just one strange issue ATM.
          Even though everything looks fine in CM11 and even in-game in exhibition match mode, when I go to manager mode, for some peculiar reason Ayr, Morton & Livingston are all moved from Div. 1 to Highland League, with Buckie Th. & Deveronvale!?
          All the rest of the teams are in their proper divisions, however.

          Also, in Tournament mode, I can't have any of the SFL or HL teams, there's just SPL & Scottish Cup with just 12 teams.

          I'm pretty sure it's got somethng to do with the CM11, but strange thing is, like I said, everything seems just fine in it, so I'm a bit puzzled with what's causing this.


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            Not sure what's causing the 1st Div teams in the Highland League, you are probably best to manipulate them in your own CM11. Tournament mode is a mystery to me - Career mode works fine at my end.
            Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


            • #21
              So far I've found out that for some reason it affects the 3 teams that are in "Tournament in Manager Mode" in positions 1 (12. classified of league SPL), 9 (Winner of Final: Irn Bru Division 1 playoff) and 10 (Winner of League: Irn Bru Division 2).

              Whatever teams are in these 3 positions, are for some reason added to Highland League, instead of Irn Bru Division 1.
              Could it be that I've f****d up something when installing it?


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                Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


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                  Ok, one last question.

                  When I install your patch with CM11, do I install just the files that are checked by default, or do I have to select them all, or what?

                  Everything got corrupted, so I've uninstalled the game. Will give it a final try, but I must know what I need to do with the patch.


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                    Import all the files with CM11 and it should work...
                    Last edited by ChuckÝnho; 16-01-2012, 02:42:AM.
                    Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


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                      Well, for the life of me, I can't figure out what am I doing wrong!

                      The 3 teams in positions 1, 9 and 10 constantly show in Highland League in Manager mode in game. Everything else is totally ok, and in CM11 everything appears to be right as it should be.

                      Anyone else having this problem?

                      Chuck, CM12? Not a typo?


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                        Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


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                          I must report the strange turn of things with this patch of yours, Chuck.

                          Even tho I never managed to get all 10 Div1 teams in the "New Manager Mode", with Ayr, Morton & Livi missing, I've decided to start the season anyway, just to see what would happen.
                          So, when I got to the match against Morton, I've clicked on "play match" button and expected to see a CTD, prepared to try "sim match" button as plan B.

                          But, to my huge surprise, and relief, the Morton team not only showed up and I was able to play that match perfectly normal, but I also crushed them 5:0.

                          Of course, I'm completely buffled how the game could work that way, but the important thing is it does work!
                          Now I have to see what will happen when I reach the games against Ayr & Livi, but now I really hope the game won't CTD.
                          The only problem is I cant choose these 3 to play as, but I could get around that easly, just replacing them with some other teams in spots 1, 9 and 10.

                          It remains to be seen what will happen once I reach the end of the season...

                          One more question, Chuck. Are you considering the FIFA12 version?


                          • #28
                            Yep, FIFA 12 version is under development -

                            (just finished IRN BRU and Highland League Balls) but I'm waiting for CM12 to have functionality of tournament editing first to create the various new leagues and tournaments (Aberdeenshire Cup I am no doubt talking out of turn here, but the fact that it hasn't been included to date in CM12 may point to there being some troubles getting it to work (or perhaps not...)
                            I already have rosters, kits and adboards ready to go for a FIFA 12 patch including SFL Divisions 1-3 as well as the Highland League.
                            Ď cho meallt is a tha an saoghal .


                            • #29
                              Well that's good to hear!

                              I believe I've read somewhere that there was a problem with adding leagues into FIFA12, but haven't heard much about that lately, so let's hope for the best!


                              • #30
                                Hey Chuck, I see that the Hamilton Accies roster in your patch is pretty outdated, so I wonder if you have a newer version of it?

                                If so, could you send me that in cmp?


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