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FIFA 11 PS3 Gameplay Patch for FIFA 11 PC by Doctor+ Productions

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    download link work very good, full speed!!!

    Originally posted by Tchubi View Post
    Upload in other server


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      has anyone tested it? is it eventually true that it introduces the new console features to PC?
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        Originally posted by Fidel Gameplay View Post
        download link work very good, full speed!!!
        Where is the download link mate?


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          I've seen something different in ball physics...over than that I haven't noticed anything else
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            Personality + is not work
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              How can i make faster?


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                looks like fifa 10 pc. -___-


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                  definitely no pp or P+ in this gameplay.

                  how did you open the big files ?
                  im ok when it comes to editing gameplay, ill give it a shot.

                  though i really think its a exe issue as far as why its not working.


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                    does NOT work but good try dude


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                      What to fight for positions in the 360 degrees I have to agree it works. As for the rest of it I still testing.

                      @regularcat For now, this is only beta 1.
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                        What is fight for positions 360 degrees ??

                        Don't PC already have that??


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                          Can anyone confirm or test.

                          What is working and what is not. OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GG

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                            Original graphics.
                            You should make it better editing.
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                              And I still do not see a difference in the gameplay
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                                So far what i have noticed.

                                1- Fight for possesion, it very visible, nice feature btw.

                                2- I did notice a bit from personality, i mean the shooting, the tackling, escaping from your defender, i noticed that attackers have very low accuracy in tackling, means that if he tackles, he might not get the ball or bad tackle foul, same for shooting, when i entered arina mode, i noticed it imediatly, albiol shooting before was bad, but not it like worse then bad. Its almost same for attacker, Dimaria dribbling now is effecitive if you have a weak defender. Those are stuff so far i noticed about personlity. I think there are more stuff that i have yet to notice like stamina and fatigue, i will notice them if i play manager mode.

                                3- Change of Pace, its very obevious, i mean it way slow, and you dont really have the 90 minutes pressure thing, which is very nice addition btw.

                                4- AI, well, hard to say, i need to play manager mode with it to find if it changed or not, cuz exibition matches are not really the real thing.

                                Those are the stuff i noticed so far, more playing needed thought.

                                I am just wondering, did u copy the code from PS3 files or you just enabled some codes that are already in that file but were disabled.

                                AMAZING WORK, UNBELEAVBLE, SOMEHOW, i hope u make this fifa 11 pc reach the ps3 level, if only with gameplay.

                                Thanks Alot
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